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Alexander Robinson

Me? I started vaping for a lot of reasons, one being that no one I wanted to date wanted to be around me when I smoked. I wasn’t happy about it either, until I found the Quattro from Bugatti’s E program. My partner vapes with me now, without the nicotine. Why? Because we can’t decide which is better, the style, or the flavors.

Cristina Rodriguez

As a chef, I know that my clientele enjoy my creations with more than their taste buds. It starts with the eyes, and nose, before the mouth even gets involved. It’s the same for me. My eyes wanted the Quattro, bad. But then I got my first taste of the flavors and became a customer for life.

Julia Smith

I was at an upscale event with a true pro of an MC orchestrating the show from the stage, in a tux. After, he joined the party and mingled. When he pulled out a Quattro it was the first time I’d seen one. It was like an international spy let me try, and I’m telling you, my eyes went wide at the taste. I ordered mine the next morning and could not be happier.