The cultivated soul never compromises. It finds itself at the meeting point of power and luxury; Past and Future. Ever- sophisticated, it maintains commitment to heritage while simultaneously charging forward into Modernity. Over 110 years of rich history and perfected luxury place BUGATTI at the center of this balance. As humanity began to turn away from traditional tobacco, we watched and waited. We took note of what still needed perfecting, and then perfected it. We fashioned a vapor alternative that exhibits technology sharper than the cutting edge, while still offering a salute to the culture and heritage that ushered the cutting edge forward. BUGATTI-E is equilibrium.

The ROYALE exemplifies the cutting edge. The uncompromising chipset and atomizer technology ensures maximum performance while this modern twist on the timeless tobacco pipe crafts an unforgettable image. This classic piece is made with only the highest grade machined aluminum and individually assembled to guarantee an unforgettable smoking experience.

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Power. Contained.

Subtlety. Re-envisioned.

Bugatti-E Cartridges

To supply the utmost in flavor quality, we partnered with Five Pawns, the leading e-cigarette fluid creators. Together, we developed a wide range of specially curated flavors to satisfy the most discerning palate. Whether you prefer traditional tobacco, fresh mint, or fruit-fusion cocktails; our wide range of PODS will undoubtedly deliver.

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